The Leftover Frittata

Leftover cubed potatoes and my laying hens inspired this breakfast, lunch or even dinner meal.  The potatoes were part of dinner the other night where I cubed the potatoes, toss with some olive oil and topped with Mrs. Dash Seasoning.

For lunch, I turned on the broiler to high and moved the oven shelf to the highest position (electric oven).  I put a little butter in the saute pan, and threw in up a handful of the precooked cubed potatoes, threw in a tsp or two of onion and green pepper (from the freezer) and cooked until tender. Added two eggs, beaten and cooked for a minute or two over medium heat to set the bottom.  I took some Fiesta cheese and sprinkled a handful on top of the egg and put it under the broiler. Watch for the top to become golden and bubbly.   You can get creative with an omelet or frittata, by using your leftovers; meat, veggies, mushrooms, potatoes, herbs and cheese.


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